The Trust Specialist Hospital has a brand new Dental Department and we invite you to come see us today for quality dentistry and exceptional patient care. Visit us for all your dental Health care needs

Core Activities
We provide dental services that include:
• General dentistry
• Cosmetic dentistry – for that beautiful smile
• Fillings
• Root canal treatments
• Extractions
• Orthodontics – to straighten teeth
• Implantology – to replace missing teeth
• Partial and full dentures
• Fixed bridges and crowns
• Periodontology
The unit has qualified staff comprising:
i. Dentists – 2
ii. Orthodontist – 1
iii. Periododontist – 1
iv. Hygienists – 2
v. Health Care – 1
vi. Implantologist – 1

We have state-of-the-art equipment to better serve you.
We provide emergency dental care for those that need immediate care.