Kidney disease management clinic and dialysis center
The center takes care of two kidney related cases

Acute Haemodialysis
Acute Haemodialysis for sudden onset of acute kidney injury resulting in temporal kidney failure is available 24 hrs.

Chronic Haemodialysis
Chronic Haemodialysis is for the patient with end stage renal disease that needs dialysis several times a week to replace kidney function. The clinic also offers chronic medication management with the aim of reducing  incidences of patients ending up with End Stage Kidney Disease due to prolonged use of certain chronic medication. The service is offered by a physician in conjunction with a clinical pharmacist. We take new and transfer cases.

The clinic runs on an appointment basis every Thursday at 3pm at Trust Hospital Oxford street Osu.

Service hours: 7am till 7pm Monday to Friday

More information kindly contact the kidney disease management clinic and dialysis center at the Trust Hospital Oxford street – 0241422784.