well woman Well Woman Clinic is a clinic that is done to help with the welfare of women, in areas of breast cancer,cervical cancer by doing breast screening , and cervical cancer screening. It is beneficial to women in the reproductive age,most especially sexually active women,post menopausal women.On a whole , women who are roughly above the ages of 18 years and are sexually active.


Activities we do:

1) Pap smear
2) Breast examination
3) breast ultrasound(women below 40 years)
4) mammogram(women above 40 yrs)
We also counsel on family planning and also administer the cervarix vaccine when we find out pap smear report is negative for any cervical dysaplasia or intraepithelial lesion.
Pap smears should be done two yearly for every woman.

Report to the well woman clinic for screening if you have:

1) foul smelling of blood stains discharge from vagina
2) loss of blood after sexual intercourse
3) An increase loss of bloodduring normal periods
4) bleeding after menopause.

Clinic Location: Trust Hospital Oxford Street Osu
Clinic Day: Tuesdays and Thursday ( By Appointment only )
Time: 2pm
Contact: +233-302-761974 / 761977 / 761978