The Trust Mother & Child Hospital, the maternity branch of The Trust Hospital Company Ltd has added another service package ‘WELL BABY’, in line with its goal of reducing maternal mortality and infant mortality rate in Ghana. The innovative new born screening, aims at helping early detection of diseases and the prevention of their complications.
This new service, WELL BABY, has been touted as the first of its kind in the sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Frederick Boahene (a renowned pediatric doctor) admits that newborn screening is nothing new in medical standards, it is the first of its kind in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
“We want to give you some of these unique opportunities to be able to identify some disease conditions early so that our babies will not end up with life-long defects,” Dr. Boahene said.
The screening is the practice of testing every new born for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren’t otherwise apparent at birth. Although most conditions are rare, early diagnosis and proper treatment can make the difference between lifelong impairment and a healthy baby development.
Aside eye screening and hearing assessment, metabolic and newborn diseases like Sickle Cell diseases, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and 15 other diseases will be screened for under Well Baby. Well Baby promises to give parents laboratory information about their babies within seven (7) working days.
“We care about the cost of taking care of a sick child throughout the course of his or her life. If we spend a little money to go through these processes right from the beginning, we stand the chance of realizing a lot” Dr. Darius Osei (GM / Medical) assured.
Central to this initiative is to drum home the fact that babies develop based on what the brain allows them to develop and not how we as mother expect them to develop.