The Trust Hospital offers innovative new born screening, which aims at helping early detection of common diseases and the prevention of their complications.

The screening is the practice of testing every new born for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren’t otherwise apparent at birth. Although most conditions are rare, early diagnosis and proper treatment can make the difference between lifelong impairment and a healthy baby development. Parents are advised and encouraged to have that early peace of mind, knowing that their babies are well by screening these gifts from the Most High.


Age: Two (2) weeks

The screening is within the first two weeks of life and involves the following;

  • Laboratory Investigation
  • Hearing defects
  • Eye Defects

Laboratory Investigation
With a very small and simple blood sample taken from sole of the foot of the baby, the testing is done.


Hearing Assessment

From the first day babies are born they start learning by listening and interacting with the sounds and voices around them. Hearing screening tests (Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) is a non-invasive test for hearing defects in newborn babies and children who are too young to cooperative during other hearing assessment methods. The test is easy and painless.

Eye Test

The newborn baby may have eye problem such as cataract, strabismus (lazy eyes), ptosis (dropping of eyelids), corneal scar and glaucoma that can lead to irreversible visual impairment in later life if not detected and treated early. Visual impairment in children can affect their school performance.  Preterm babies can also develop retinal problems that can result in blindness if not detected early.

The screening includes the examination of the eye of the baby by ophthalmologist (eye specialist) to detect these problems early and the appropriate treatment provided to prevent visual impairment.


In addition to the screening is My First Year Story Book, which is meant to empower parents to actively participate in monitoring and enjoying the various developmental milestones obtained by their child. The first year of life is crucial because of the numerous health problems encountered. The book is meant to improve the overall infant care in health with special emphasis on immunization and growth. Lastly it serves as a documentary evidence for the child, who is the owner of the book, to grow to appreciate the dedication, effort and love showed by parents to get him or her this far.