The hassles of daily living sometimes require that people have the needed energy for optimal functioning. More often than not, people use drugs for the purposes of altering their mood or behaving in expected ways. For a case in point, stimulants such as Ritalin are used to induce wakefulness in order to complete a task [...]

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Specialist health care continues to elude Ghanaians in the lower economic bracket. It is rather surprising that those who need specialist care are not entirely covered for the service. As part of the 5th anniversary celebration, the Trust Specialist Hospital organized a health walk and free health screening exercise to promote health living. Administration, doctors [...]

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The Trust Specialist has launched its 5th anniversary to commemorate 5 years of outstanding health service to its client. The event held at the specialist hospital on the 5th of September, 2017 was to unveil an anniversary plaque and symbolically cut an anniversary cake to kick-start the month long celebrations. Client confidence in the specialist [...]

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A new board has been reconstituted for the Trust Hospital Company Ltd, expected to serve a full term. The new board takes over the exceptional achievements of the previous board and it is to inspire leadership and fresh growth of the Trust Hospital. The new board started its work after an inauguration ceremony held on [...]

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The Trust Hospital’s Newborn Screening Service, “WELL BABY”

The Trust Mother & Child Hospital, the maternity branch of The Trust Hospital Company Ltd has added another service package ‘WELL BABY’, in line with its goal of reducing maternal mortality and infant mortality rate in Ghana. The innovative new born screening, aims at helping early detection of diseases and the prevention of their complications. [...]

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Your Diet and Health Book Series

There are so many questions on the minds of people concerning their eating habits. These questions deserve the right answers. That is what “Answers for your diet” seeks to do. Apart from his work as the head of Dietetics at Trust Hospital Mr. Wise offers free dietary advice to the general public through news articles [...]

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Trust Hospital shaping the future generation.

The Trust Hospital is inspiring young children to aspire bigger in life. There is no better opportunity you can give the child than to offer them a glimpse, and insight into the heroic world of Hospital. The Trust Hospital seeks to position the brand as a family friendly hospital which also upholds high standards in [...]

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Dr. Darius Osei Awarded for Honesty Integrity and Accountability

It is with great honour that the management of the Trust Hospital congratulates Dr. Darius Osei on his achievement. General Manager of the Trust Hospital Company Ltd, Dr. Darius Kofi Osei, has been presented with the Noble International Award to for an eminent West African who upholds the virtues of Honesty, Integrity and Accountability. This [...]

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Chronic Stress and Diabetes – Eric Howusu-Kumi, Mphil Psyc

Some people cope with stress by overeating or eating unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking and performing other activities that raise their risk for type 2 diabetes. As a reminder, we need to note that stress may be thought of as a) a physiological response to an external stimulus, a psychological response to external stimuli or stressful [...]

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The Role Of The Clinical Psychologist In The Management Of Diabetes – Eric Howusu-Kumi, Mphil Psyc

Better understanding of factors that lead to Concerns and anxiety Behavioral choices Responses to therapy The common risk factors of type 2diabetes are obesity, inactivity, family history and poor diet. Of these risk factors, three - obesity, inactivity and poor diet are considered as lifestyle or behaviour related. These make the Clinical psychologist an important [...]

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